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Discover How Minimally Invasive Pain Management Procedure Relieves Chronic Pain Effectively

Updated: May 3

Undergoing surgery to treat chronic pain in the back, shoulder, spine, hip, joints, bones, knee, or

muscles is overwhelming for patients as well as for patient parties. Patients always look for

alternatives to surgery, and the good news is pain management surgery alternatives are there that are highly known as minimally invasive procedures. At present time, Medical professionals who already have completed their post-graduate medical degree courses are enrolling in different pain management programs including an online pain medicine fellowship in India to better understand the basics of musculoskeletal pain management techniques/treatments and to help patients alleviate pain through minimally invasive procedures. 

Nowadays, the demand for pain management doctors is increasing along with the number of patients suffering from chronic pain due to lifestyle disease, post-surgery trauma, or physical disability after accident/surgery. In this blog, we will discuss how minimally invasive procedures and treatments help relieve chronic pain for patients.

Minimally Invasive Pain Management Procedure - What It Is!

Minimally invasive pain management/medicine procedures assist in relieving pain by identifying the source of pain, proper diagnosis, and applications of various techniques and treatments that are less severe compared to open surgery.  Contrary to open surgery, minimally invasive procedure limits the incision size and results in less pain, fewer complications, and faster recovery.

Objectives of Minimally Invasive Techniques in Chronic Pain Management

Chronic pain management through minimally invasive techniques focuses on identifying the source of pain first. The process does not mask the symptoms. However, the process focuses on maintaining a few goals to treat and reduce the pain. These are as follows

● Finding ways to reduce the pain symptoms by deactivating the pain-triggering points

● Keeping the patients active in their day-to-day life in reducing the pain through minimally

invasive methods

● Slowing down the functions that create problems in accomplishing daily activities at home or

workplace including eating, sitting, walking, driving, and so on.

Your chronic pain invention doctor better understands what to do and how to relieve your pain after a

full diagnosis of your pain points and going through your medical history.

Minimally Invasive Treatment Procedures for Chronic Pain Management

A variety of procedures are applied to treat chronic pain in non-invasive pain management treatment processes. Oral medications are not the only way to treat chronic pain. However, the non-invasive treatment plans employ other techniques and processes to reduce pain and help patients go back to their normal lives. Let us have a look,

● Chronic Pain Injections: There are different types of injections available to treat chronic pain

depending on the symptoms of the patients. X-ray, ultrasound, and other radiology-based

guidance is considered to administer the injection method. 

● Prolotherapy: This process includes injection of the irritating substances to trigger the body’s

healing point and to reduce pain. 

● SCS (Spinal Cord Stimulation): This process applies low-voltage electrical current to relieve

spinal pain.

There are other non-invasive chronic pain relief methods including Pain Pumps, Nerve Block, Nerve Ablation (Destruction), Vein treatment, Radiofrequency Ablation, Kyphoplasty, Stem Cell

Therapy, and so on that pain management specialists/doctors apply to relieve chronic pain.

Last But Not Least…

Getting rid of years-old chronic pain is not a one-day job. Your pain management doctor or specialist knows best how to combine treatments to relieve your pain. If you are looking for a professional pain management doctor in India, you must contact someone who has already completed a pain medicine fellowship program like an online pain medicine fellowship in India or a similar one recently. It will help you to relieve your pain quickly without complications.

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