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Easy & Effective Ways Finding Relief from Chronic Pain During Summer

The scorching heat of the sun and excessive temperature make it impossible to deal with pain in summer in India. Whether it is pain in the back, shoulder, scapula, hip, joint, spine, neck, lumber, or any musculoskeletal area, the pain worsens during summer. People living with severe to chronic pain face different types of challenges in day-to-day life due to increased summer activities. However, with the advent of several programs for pain management fellowship in India and advanced pain management techniques, patients can get shut off from pain during summer easily. 

These latest regenerative pain management programs and advanced pain interventional management techniques promote tailored approaches to alleviate pain and help patients lead easy and more flexible lives. Hence, this post will cover all the tips on how to minimize chronic pain and enjoy the summer to the fullest empowering health and happiness. 

Why Chronic Pain Worsens in Summer?

Before we shed light on tips to reduce chronic pain in summer, it is quintessential to know the connection between pain and summer. According to research, increased heat triggers the pain receptors and intensifies the discomfort level. For patients with chronic pain, excessive heat in summer disturbs their body temperature-regulating abilities and increases pain as well as discomfort simultaneously. Also, the rising humidity level contributes to aggravating the pain and causing severe joint stiffness and swelling which makes it challenging for patients to deal with pain and find relief. 

List of Effective Ways of Finding Relief from Chronic Pain in Summer

To an extent, the pain increment scenario in summer is clear now. Next, we move forward to the tips that help reduce pain in summer. Let’s get started…


  1. Drink Plenty of Water: Summer compels our bodies to remove necessary fluids through sweating. It can cause dehydration along with body cramps and joint pain. But, if you intake three to four litres of water regularly, you can beat the heat, let your body remain hydrated, and reduce pain. 

  2. Limit Your Exercise Routine: Exercise is good for physical and mental health. It is highly recommended for people with chronic pain. But, in summer, excessive exercise can lead to chronic muscle and joint pain because of the loss of fluid. So, limit your exercise routine, do exercise indoors, and choose early morning or evening for your physical activities. 

  3. Avoid Eating Pain-Triggering Food: Food including spices, cola, caffeine, salt, astringent food, and piping hot dishes can trigger pain in summer; especially headache, migraine, and neuralgia discomfort. So, avoid having such food during summer and ask your physician and dietician for a proper diet chart to follow. 

  4. Continue Your Medications: Yes, if you have been on medications for pain management, don’t skip them in summer. You can talk to your physician if you find any discomfort due to the medications in the summer. But, never stop medications without consulting with your physician. OTC medications should be prohibited. 

  5. Visit Your Pain Specialist in Regular Intervals: Don’t skip appointments with your pain specialists if you are on medications. Medications are not the last thing to rely on to alleviate pain. Your pain specialist has certain years of experience and has undergone programs on pain management fellowship in India. So, s/he better help you live a zero-pain life in summer. 

To Conclude

If you want to stay fit and fine during summer with no joint pain, muscle aches, or movement disability, continue your pain management treatment without negligence. To delve deep into chronic pain management fellowship programs in India and the usefulness of the programs for a patient, interventional pain management programs, and pain management therapies, contact your physician today. It will help you to have a better idea of how all these work and bring you relief from pain and discomfort in summer. 

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