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Vertebroplasty - A Minimally Invasive Surgery for Healing Compressive Spine Fracture

Vertebroplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that is provided to patients who have vertebral compression fractures due to spine injury or osteoporosis (thinning of the bones). When the bone in the spine gets weakened or injured, it has a major chance of collapsing and getting fractured, and it can lead to severe back pain. Pain management specialists who have completed an accredited certificate course in pain management in India from one of the top pain management academies, Asian Pain Academy are the best professionals to provide Vertebroplasty, the minimally invasive surgery to alleviate spine pain. 


Any patient who has been suffering from a painful spine fracture due to age, injury, or osteoporosis must visit pain management specialists like interventional radiologists, neuroradiologists, interventional pain management physicians, and/or orthopedic spine specialists to alleviate pain.

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What is Vertebroplasty? Know with a Broad Spectrum


Vertebroplasty is a minimally invasive surgery that treats spinal compression fractures. This treatment relieves pain in the spine by injecting cement into the cracked or broken spinal (vertebrae) bones. The cement holds bones in the right place, prevents bones from collapsing, and alleviates pain. This treatment is highly recommended for treating compression spine fractures which are caused by any sort of spine injury, surgery, or osteoporosis. Mostly older people are affected by osteoporosis. In many cases, compression fractures do not cause any symptoms or pain. But, if you are suffering from chronic and persistent pain, Vertebroplasty can help you. 


What Does Vertebroplasty Do?


Vertebroplasty treats spine compression fractures that happen due to 

●        Major spinal injury

●        Osteoporosis

●        Multiple Myeloma (Bone Cancer)

●        High-impact trauma in the spine


When to Consider Vertebroplasty?


In many cases, vertebral (spinal bone) compression fractures can be cured without surgery. But, your pain management doctor may suggest Vertebroplasty in the following cases, 


●        Persistent Pain Lasts for More Than 2 Weeks: If the pain does not go away on its own and persists for more than two weeks, Vertebroplasty seems the best way to alleviate the pain. The surgery stabilizes the compression fracture and brings quicker relief. 


●        Pain Increases With Axial Loads: When you experience more pain due to carrying weight on your back or spine (when getting out of your bed, carrying your bag, bending or leaning downward), this is a sign of vertebral compression fracture and it indicates you need to undergo vertebroplasty procedure. 


●        Neurological Deficits: If any vertebra pushes against the spinal cord or a never root, it can cause neurological deficits including tingling, weakness, problems in coordination during movements, and weakness as well. At this juncture, your pain management doctor certainly suggests going for Vertebroplasty to relieve symptoms and pain. 


Vertebroplasty is suggested to be performed after four to six weeks of the compression fracture. Performing it too early can cause immense pain due to an unhealed fracture. If the bone infection persists, it is suggested to undergo the procedure after complete healing. 


Effectiveness of Vertebroplasty


There are mixed opinions about the Vertebroplasty in the medical literature. However, the majority of patients who have undergone this minimally invasive surgery got relief from the pain of compressive fracture. The success rate of Vertebroplasty is estimated at or above 87%. If your doctor has suggested you undergo Vertebroplasty, choose pain management professionals who have completed an accredited certificate course in pain management in India. You will be assured of having the best procedure by the safest hands.  

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