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My Experience with the Asian Pain Academy Course: A Comprehensive and Structured Learning Journey

Pain course feedback: Dr Punithavathy, a satisfied learner
Pain course feedback: Dr Punithavathy, a satisfied learner

We are happy to present to you the feedback of Dr Punithavathy Dhanasekaran, she is a doctor who practices basic lumbar pain procedures. She attended the Basic Course in Pain Medicine Fellowship in July 2023, offered by the Asian Pain Academy and found it very useful and insightful. She appreciated the well-planned content and the dedicated faculty of the course. She expressed her interest in taking up the advanced course or the MSK course with the same faculty in the future. She is among the many participants who have enjoyed and learned from our courses, which aim to deliver high-standard and practical training in pain medicine. By reading her feedback, you can have an idea of what our courses can offer you.

"I have attended a few other courses and am practising basic lumbar pain procedures already. Yet this structured course gave more comprehensive insights. The content of the course is very well planned. The faculty are dedicated. I am very much interested in taking up the advanced course or the MSK course with this team of faculty of the Asian Pain Academy. "

- Dr Punithavathy Dhanasekaran

If you are a doctor who wants to become a pain medicine specialist, the Asian Pain Academy has the courses for you. You will learn how to diagnose and treat different kinds of pain, such as chronic, acute, cancer, neuropathic, and musculoskeletal pain. You will get to learn from the best faculty in the field, who will share their knowledge and experience with you through lectures, case discussions, workshops, and hands-on sessions. You will also stay updated with the latest developments and innovations in pain medicine, such as interventional techniques, neuromodulation, regenerative medicine, and pharmacology. The courses are recognized by Skill Development Council Canada and you will get a certificate of completion when you finish the course. You can choose the level and format of the course that suits you best, from basic to advanced, and from online to hybrid to in-person. The courses are suitable for doctors who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in pain medicine, improve the quality of life of their pain patients, and join a global network of pain professionals. Asian Pain Academy is Empowering Pain Physicians through their Best Pain Management Fellowship Course.

The Asian Pain Academy boasts three distinguished pain physicians from India:

  1. Dr. Chinmoy Roy, MD, FIPP (WIP-USA): Director and Consultant Pain Medicine at Rajarhat Pain Clinic, Kolkata. A prolific educator with 3000+ students taught through diverse methods.

  2. Dr. Debjyoti Dutta, MD, FPM (WBUHS), FIPP (WIP-USA), FIAPM (ISSP): Director and Consultant Pain Medicine at Samobathi Pain Clinic, Kolkata. An experienced teacher with extensive contributions to pain medicine literature.

  3. Dr. Kanchan Sharma, MD, FIPM, POCUS (MSK) RMSK (APCA-USA): Director and Consultant Pain Medicine at Aadhya Pain Management Centre, Jaipur. A seasoned educator with a robust publication record and active participation in conferences.

Together, they founded the Asian Pain Academy, aiming to globally disseminate pain medicine knowledge. The academy offers accredited online and offline courses covering diverse topics, including pain physiology, pharmacology, ultrasound, interventional techniques, and more. Completion grants a certificate and fellowship title, attracting doctors seeking to elevate their pain medicine expertise and join a global community of professionals. Experience Asian Pain Academy Course.

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